Burak Korkmaz,

Information & Communication Design

born in 1984, in Istanbul, currently based in Münster

As an independent communication and information designer and design researcher, I implement data visualisation for analogue and digital mediums. I have worked as a small-scale entrepreneur since 2012. I completed my studies (MA) in communication and information design at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences in, in which I analysed and visualised in a data-driven manner Gezi-Park-Protests of Turkey in 2013.

My work on publication bias and scientific misconduct in biomedicine as a result of collaboration with highly acknowledged scientists was shown in the Design-Biennial BIO 26 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Last year in 2022, I co-crafted an audiovisual piece called “Guadiana in 4 Movements” using data sonification of various climate change scenarios of the Guadiana Estuary for the Information Forum Lab & Display Galery in Prague, Czech Republic. In between, I spent 36 days in a fellowship related to the Bundestag, literally doing nothing.

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{Audio}visual work:

BIO 26 | Biennial of Design, Associated Projects, Ljubljana 2019
Information Forum Lab, Prague 2022

Misc. references:

European Movement Germany
Climate Company
Dezernat Zukunft: Institute for Macrofinances
Transparency International Germany