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On February 7, 2014, a group of immigrants attempted to overcome a border fence dividing the Moroccan and Spanish sides in Ceuta, Tarajal Beach. Spanish military enforcement known as the Guardia Civil fired tear gas, rubber bullets to the swimmers. In the darkness and confusion, 15 lives were lost; some drowned, some apparently struck by shots or overcome by the gas.

As the Sevilla section of the Amnesty International, we decided to commemorate this tragic incident in the framework of World Refugee Day by screening a documentary film „Samba, un hombre borrado“ about the atrocities of the Guardia Civil and lost lives at the Tarajal shoreline. Unfortunately, usage of weapon icons in my first draft caused highly controversial debate in the group itself, leading to a type of self-censorship by erasing the icons, avoiding a possible dispute with Amnesty Madrid or other authorities. A bizarre decision for a NGO, which describes itself through an array of campaigns as „BRAVE“. Eventually, after corresponding back and forth for a while, the original design is restored and used.

Below, you can sneak a peek at the hourly transformation of the poster.


thanks to Janine Peters & Patricia Azocar Rozas

Amnistía Internacional